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What is the investment casting advantages?

1-Smooth surface finish
Use the Aluminum mould and wax to make the pattern, then glue with the silica sol as binding agent, so you will see a very clear difference compare with Sand Casting .Mostly the roughness range from Ra 1.6 μm to Ra6.4 μm, but Leesh Engineering Investment Casting service can achieve a average above 3.2μm.
2-Save machining Time and Cost
In many condition- because the smooth surface finish- you don’t need to do the machining for assembly compare with our manufacturing methods. If you really want to do the machining- the machining allowance don’t not need as much as sand casting

3-High Tolerance control
The general casting tolerance is CT4-CT7, which is not necessary to do machining job in many application. Mostly just drill and tap should be fine.
4-Integrated Shape
It can make more complicate and complex shape, which is the fabrication can’t compare.
In traditional way- you have to make more than 2 parts , then make the assemble, but investment casting can achieve a integrated shape through one time cast
5-Vast Size and weight range
We can make few grams to dozens of kilograms weight
And few centimeters to Ø800mm meters size range

Once the mould made- the casting has the best consistency of quality and with other manufacturing method- it less people operation, easy metal running system, so it easy to avoid the porosity , gas holes, ect casting defects

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