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Quality Program

Leesh Holdings is committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing our customers with exceptional service, innovative solutions and superior product quality at competitive prices.

Following are the key components of our quality process

1. Drawing Review

2. Standard / Specification Review

3. Specific Customer Quality Standards

4. Documentation Requirements

5. Third Party / Leesh Engineering inspection before shipment.

Drawing Review

Once Leesh Engineering receives engineering drawings from a customer, our engineers will review the drawings carefully together with our Quality Assurance personnel. Key specifications are studied; such key specifications often include material requirements, finish requirements, tolerances, interchangeability, manufacturing processes, etc. Our engineers must have a clear understanding of the drawings and the customer's expectations, so that they can perform productively and efficiently.

Standard I Specification Review

Often times customer drawings will call out industry standards for one or more specifications on the drawing. Some examples are ANSI, DIN, JIS, SAE, SME, IFEE, ISO, QS, etc.

Many customers have specific requirements related to the manufacturing process, such as SPC, CPK, Process Capability Studies, 6 Sigma, etc. Leesh Engineering engineers work professionally to ensure that these requirements are being met.

Documentation Requirements

Regardless of the level of documentation required by the customer, we are ensuring that all necessary documentation is presented in a clear, concise manner.

Quality Level Not Specified By Customer

If the customer does not require a specific quality requirement, Leesh Engineering factories automatically follow a minimum quality Level of 2.5 AQL per Mil-Std 105d.

Quality Issues

If there ever should be a case in which a product does not conform to the agreed upon specification, Leesh Engineering will take responsibility for any such component. Once Leesh Engineering receives notification of a quality issue in the form of a Request for Corrective Action, we immediately communicate the issue with our engineers and production dept. To be thorough and expeditious, it is always best to send the digital photos and samples of the parts in question. Once we have this information, we study the data and the samples, we review their processes, then come up with a formal Corrective Action Report. The Corrective Action Report is reviewed with the customer to make sure it meets with the customer's satisfaction.


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